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Our History: The Future of Harcourts Began in 1888...

Posted on Apr 15, 2021 in Harcourts News

Our Story

For many, Harcourts is a name filled with history and yet for others it is a name synonymous with the future. This is the story of a great New Zealand company - where it came from and where it is headed. This is the story of Harcourts. From way back in 1888 when JB Harcourt first realised there was a gap in the real estate market serving a...

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Achieve More With Zillow Premier Agent

Posted on Mar 25, 2021 in Harcourts News

Zillow is the largest real estate search engine on the internet, providing an effective platform for real estate agents to advertise with per-lead pricing starting at around $20. Attracting more than 36 million visitors per month, Zillow Premier Agent (ZPA) can help you get more views and leads, but is it worth the cost?

According to the National As...

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Sustainable Real Estate Development: The Future Is Now

Posted on Jan 21, 2021 in Harcourts News

Staying one step ahead in the uncertain and competitive real estate space can be a challenge. We started out the year with many experts predicting that sustainability would once again be a “trend” for 2021. This is not an “aha” moment for most of us: Green building and sustainability have been enduring trends in the industry for the past couple of...

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The Most Important Step to a Successful First Year in Real Estate

Posted on Jan 07, 2021 in Harcourts News

How much money will you make during your first year in real estate? It’s hard to say. So much comes into play to determine your real estate income. Your market, the overall state of the industry, how many agents you are up against, and how well you manage your time will all affect your bottom line.

As many tenured agents can attest, the first year i...

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Find Where You Belong With Harcourt

Posted on Dec 03, 2020 in Harcourts News

Today, Harcourts is a fully franchised group of independent businesses operating under the Harcourts name. It is a group which has thousands of highly experienced residential, commercial and rural sales consultants in Harcourts offices throughout the world. It is responsible for selling billions of dollars’ worth of real estate a year. In addition...

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We Are Harcourts

Posted on Sep 09, 2020 in Harcourts News

Always looking to improved ourselves and our services. The aim is to have everyone that comes into contact with Harcourts in any capacity come away better for that experience. 

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